Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review the newest chapter in the Aliens comic series with their first new story from Marvel comics.

The issue starts with a great opening and introduces us to the main character of this new story in Gabriel Cruz, a former security chief who survived an alien attack while on duty. After coming back to earth and trying to live his new life, while making lost time to what is left of his family, it looks like his past will catch up to him whether he likes it or not.

The Marvel creative team of Philip Kenndey Johnson and Salvador Larroca did a great job with this first issue, especially with how the aliens look and the world environment. The Bishop android is a nice callback to the second alien film and some nice touches to the comic series Dark Horse run as well. While it is a good start to this, I hope Marvel doesn’t do what they just did with the Predator so far with pushback on the release date of the series first issue and making it go toe to toe with Thor.

Overall Alien #1 is a great place for fans of the series to pick up and a good place to start if your new to the series and just to let you know this series is not for kids.