Ahoy Captain Cats here and today is another round of the anime news round-up so let’s go!

First up are Netflix and Transformer news which is some good news. It was announced via press release that the last story arc in the Transformers: War for Cybertron will be on Netflix this July and how the second part left a huge cliffhanger and maybe introducing both the Maximals and Predacons from the Beast Wars series. Netflix also announced that they order a 20- episode series for Transformers: BotBots, which is based on the BotBots toy line that was released back in 2018.

Sticking with Netflix, they have also ordered a Terminator animated series from Production I.G., the same studio that is home for other anime series such as Ghost in the Shell film and tv series, FLCL series, Video Girl Ai, and animated segment in Kill Bill Vol. 1: Chapter 3 The Origin of O-Ren. I’m going to take a good guess that this series is going to be out on Netflix maybe sometime in the next few years.

It has been reported by the City of Los Angeles Department of Convention and Tourism Development that E3 2021 is not going to happen this year, but Anime Expo (AX for short) will have a “Virtual Event” during the 4th of July weekend like it normally would in person. It is also stated that LA will be AX home till 2030.

Lastly, Hatsune Miku, the Vocaloid virtual idol the world loves is finally getting her own animated series. According to Deadline that the series is being created by Crypton Future Media with Graphic India and Carlin West Agency to create not only an animated series but also an original Webtoon series and a comic series as well. There is no word yet about when it will be out for the world to see but we can’t wait to see what Miku will show is and maybe more new songs.

There you go, that’s your anime news round-up!