Ahoy Captain Cats here and today some bad news for fans of one of Sony’s oldest studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment or SIE for short.

It has been reported from numerous video game news outlets that Sony has announced that they are going to reorganize SIE and will not renew a good amount of worker’s contracts. Not only that but big names such Kazunobu Sato (lead designer of PlayStation 3 title Puppeteer and worked on The Last Guardian), Keiichiro Toyama (director of Silent Hill and the Gravity Rush series), and Junya Okura (lead designer on the Gravity Rush series ) left Sony in 2020 and went on to create their own gaming studio Bokeh.

You have to remember that SIE created classic series such as Gravity Rush, Hot Shot, Golf Ape Escape, LocoRoco, and so many classics that will either be left behind IPs or sold off to other studios. This is sad to hear that this once giant of the gaming industry is doing this and brings up a good question, is Sony getting ready to leave the gaming world after so many years being on top?