Ahoy Captain Cats here and today some big news coming out of Dark Horse Comics as it was announced via press release that Randy Stradley will be retiring after working with Dark Horse Comic for over 35 years. In case your wondering who is Randy Stradley, he was the Vice President of Publishing at Dark Horse Comics and was the company’s 1st Editor-in-Chief and edited such comic series such as:

  • Concrete,
  • Boris the Bear
  • The American
  • Hard Boiled
  • Give Me Liberty
  • Dark Horse’s Ghost
  • Sin City

He was also responsible for Dark Horse Comics’ foundational publication, Dark Horse Presents. Stradley had this to say about retiring:

“After three and a half decades, I believe I’ve done just about all that I can. It has been a great ride, and I want to thank Mike Richardson for the tremendous opportunities he’s afforded me. It’s with mixed emotions that I step down, but I know that Dark Horse will continue on to new heights, and that the company is in good hands.” – Randy Stradley

Founder and President of Dark Horse Comics Mike Richardson also commented on Stradley’s retirement:

“I cannot overstate how integral Randy has been to the development and growth of Dark Horse. He was not only a writer, editor, and creator, but also a friend and collaborator for three-and-a-half decades. Together we created something very special that succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Sad though his departure may be, I wish him all the best in this new chapter of his life.” – Mike Richardson, Founder and President of Dark Horse Comics

We here want to congratulate Randy Stradley for his year at Dark Horse Comics and for editing some of our favorite series as well.