Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have a new round of cartoon news round-up so let’s go!

Fox made some news this past week for the right and interesting reason. First off it was reported that Fox greenlights a new animated series by “Rick and Morty” Co-Creator Dan Harmon. The series will be done by Bento Box Entertainment, the same studio that does Bob’s Burgers, and will have a 2022 release. The series will take place in ancient Greece and with Harmon creating this, who knows what is going to happen. Fox also announced that Bento Box Entertainment and Entertainment One or eOne for short will be working to bring Hasbro’s Clue to life. This is going to be interesting as well, the last time Clue was made into a very underrated dark comedy that had an all-star cast.

Netflix made the news as well with a few announcements. First is that they drop a new trailer for its original animated series Paradise PD Season 3. The series will be on Netflix on March 12 and will let you know if it lives up to the previous season’s standards. Netflix also announced that they will be streaming the next My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic film. While there is little to no information about the name of the film and the official streaming date, it was reported that the film was originally going to be released in theaters by Paramount. Once we know more we will let you know.

Bluey, one of the most underrated animated series you have to watch with your kids won big at the 2021 Kidscreen Awards. The series won the following awards:

Best Programming Preschool
Best Directing
Best Writing
Best Music

Congratulations to everyone at Ludo Studio, BBC Studios, ABC Australia, Screen Queensland, and Screen Australia for winning these awards.

There you go that was the cartoon news round-up!