Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have our first anime news round-up of 2021 so let’s go!

The Japan Academy Film Prize announced their 44th special award and one of the names that will be awarded is none other than Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, famous animator and character designer of Mobile Suit Gundam 79, Other people who will receive this award are Matsuo Ikebata and Kikuo Notomi. Congratulations to them all!

This past week it was announced the winners for the 66th Shogakukan Manga Awards and here is the list of winners:

Best Children Manga
Dual Masters
Chocolat no Maho (The Magic of Chocolate)

Best Shonen Manga
Teasing Master Tagaki-san
Chainsaw Man

Best Shojo Manga
Yuzuki-sanchi no Yon Kyōdai (The Four Brothers of the Yuzuki Household)

Best General Manga
Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction
Hakozume: Kōban Joshi no Gyakushū (Hakozome: A Police Box Woman’s Counterattack)

Congratulations to this year winners

Lastly, Studio 4°C will have a retrospective art exhibition at Gallery Nucleus starting from February 6-21. This is the first time their artwork will be seen in the US and will have their artworks on sale as well. If you like to see what they have you can go to the site with the link here.

There you go, the first of many anime news round-ups of 2021!