Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we talk about the re-releasing and rebranding of DC Universe to DC Universe Infinite.

Last Thursday DC Comics has re-release and rebranded its DC Universe app to what is now DC Universe Infinite or DCUI for short. Unlike the former DCU app, DCUI will only focus on just comics, no more no less, and that kind of sad.

Yes, we saw this one coming since last year with the release of HBO MAX and moved all of DCU shows such as Titans, Harley Quinn, and Doom Patrol over there and just left the DCU app to quite honestly die. Now with a new coat of paint and name, it’s just the DCU app plain and simple. If you were a fan of the DCU app and would like to join here are the prices for DCUI:

$74.99 for a full year ($6.25 a month)
$7.99 a month to a total of $95.88 a year in this route

DC Comics also stated that they will have events and such throughout 2021 and that’s fine and all but this time around put some effort on your part DC Comics and don’t let this die again.