Ahoy Captain Cats here and today is the first round of video game news round-up of the new year so let’s go!

One of the biggest news that came out this past week was that we are going to have a new Star Wars game and it’s not made by EA, and if you listen to a galaxy far, far away it would be to the sound of joy. It has been reported that Ubisoft, yes Ubisoft will be making an open-world Star Wars game and it feels like an eternity since another studio had a chance to make a Star Wars game. On the behalf of the Star Wars and gaming communities please don’t mess this up!

CD Projekt RED Co-Founder Marcin Iwinski released a video on the Cyberpunk 2077 Youtube Channel to address an apology to its fans and what CDPR is going to do to fix this situation. By focusing on fixing the game bugs and glitches on PS4 and Xbox One, they will delay the release of DLC and content for the game till they have this all under control.

Lastly, Capcom has announced that they will have a Resident Evil Village event that will be taking place on January 21. During the event, they will showcase other Resident Evil projects such as the Netflix series, the new film, and something else due to the series 25 anniversary being this year. Once we see the showcase we will let you know what was shown and such.

There you go that was the first of many video game news roundups for 2021!