Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review an animated series that while only has seven episodes under its belt, it should be on your radar and that series is Ollie and Scoops.

The series is created by Nico Colaleo and it’s about Ollie, a 9 year old girl and her best friend Scoop, her pet cat and best friend. Ollie is the only one in the series that can understand and can “talk cat” which is funny in its own way. In the seven episodes that have came out so far, each episode has a wonderful charm and it puts a smile on your face. Each episode you see a bit of the world that is in Ollie and Scoops, from Ollie and Scoops home, the school and the wonderful city of “Catlifornia”, I want to see more of this series world. The series supporting cast is also a delight to see and I hope in more future episodes we can see more of their back story to each of them.

The cast of voice actors in the series are wonderful and it shows how much they are having fun in this series. Kimmy Robertson and Eric Bauza voiced the title characters and with the likes of Candi Milo, Adam McArthur, Rich Evans, Mike Stoklasa, Grey Griffin and Nico Colaleo voicing the supporting cast. Each episode’s run time depends on which episode you’re watching, some will go for almost 12 minutes while others will go up to 5 or 6 minutes.

Ollie and Scoops is a hidden gem of a series that has been around for only a year and with only seven episodes really shows what people of all ages are missing out on. If you want to watch all of the seven episodes so far you can watch them here.