Yo Ho! WeRCatz here in 2021!

Winter can be a time to binge-watch missed TV programs on streaming devices. Out of curiosity, the Netflix/Discovery Canada show Frontier from 2016 appeared after browsing for a movie. So I decided to give it a see-looks.

Frontier is set sometime near the late 1700s in Canada where the Hudson’s Bay Company try to put a stranglehold on their monopoly of the fur trade; Lord Benton sails to Canada to reimpose “order” so that he can enrich himself. However, trapper Declan Harp keeps ruining Benton’s plans with vicious revenge.

Frontier is full of politicking, factions vying for control of the fur trade, betrayals, ruthless repercussions, and conflicts within these themes. Jason Momoa as Declan Harp commands the violence while Alun Armstrong (Lord Benton) commands the ruthlessness as he tries to keep his control over the Hudson Bay territories from other trappers.

After watching the three seasons, Frontier is a solid show. Twists, turns, and a cliffhanger conclusion grants a fourth season. However, due to COVID-19, the fourth season is postponed. But there are hints that Discovery Canada will proceed pending approval from medical experts in the future. The show is not canceled, but in speculation for a renewal.