Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to talk about the worst things in cartoons that doesn’t include Covid-19

The Warner Bros reboots
Let’s starts with the most current thing that is going on and that is the reboot of Animaniacs and Looney Tunes Cartoon. While the announcement for both was positive, it cant be said about the end results for both shows. Looney Tunes look off at times and the music didn’t live up to expectations that even Carl Stalling would be very disappointed by. While the Animaniacs reboot looks good, the lack of the series original supporting case, the very bland script, hit and miss jokes and too much of the Warner Brothers and sister really hurt this reboot.

Surprising Cancellation
This year we had a lot of cancellations in the cartoon world, some that did deserve it (looking at you ThunderCats Roar) and others that didn’t. Series like Mike Tyson Mysteries, The Hollow, and The Venture Bros were series that were canceled with no goodbye of any kind which was sad.

The Void That Bojack Horseman left
January 31 2020 was the day one of the best adult animated series came to an end. Bojack Horseman was THE show in the 2010s and it was even better than most live-action shows during the 2010s. Now after 6 seasons, Bojack has left a void that no show, whether it live-action or animated, there is no show out there that can fill that void. Netflix could have with Tuca and Bertie but decided to go with Big Mouth and now Tuca and Bertie found a new home at Adult Swim.

The End of DC Universe Service
Who didn’t see this coming after they moved all of its original content to HBO MAX?

Next week we will talk about the best of 2020.