Ahoy captain cats here and today we are going to look at the worst things that happen to films in 2020.

Tons of Push Back and Delays
A ton of films this year that were supposed to be released this year were either pushed back to next year or delayed production due to you know what. These results lead to the next two topics on this list and they are cinema problems and streaming.

Cinema problems
After the dust is clear, going to the movies will be a lot different, for better or for worse. A lot of cinema both big and small, are already affected financially, to the point like many storefronts, some may have to close up shop for good. Just like stores, cinemas have another battle to fight and that is streaming. A good example of this is what happened to Regal Cinemas.

While it’s not bad for films not to be released in both cinema and on VOD (Video On Demand), if you do the math, you will see how it hurts cinema. For $30 you can rent a film for a full day, add maybe $10 for food or snacks and you’re at home enjoying it to your heart’s content. Now let’s look at if you were going to the cinema, you add the cost of the ticket for a night show, snacks, gas and eating out after, its more than $40, plus let us say the time you wanted to see the film is sold out, you are pissed and just go back home.

Next week we will talk about the best in 2020.