Ahoy captain cats here and today we are going to look at the newest adult animated series that came out on Netflix and that series is Blood of Zeus.

The series is set in Greek Mythology, the series centers around a young man named Heron, who is one of the many sons of Zeus. After many turns of events, he has to find a way to save both Olympus and Earth from the return of the Titans, his half brother, and the Goddess Hera.

The art style and animation here is the same as Castlevania, but unlike Castlevania, Blood of Zeus art style and animation is perfect here. Not only that, but the storyline and voice acting here are much better than the latter due to how much more room to work within Greek Mythology. The voice acting here is fantastic, especially with Derek Phillips, Jason O’Mara, and Claudia Christian voicing Heron, Zeus, and Hera respectively.

How the way this series ended was perfect and I hope they don’t ruin it by making a second season. The Castlevania series can learn so much from this series, especially in storytelling.