Yo Ho, WeRCatz here.

The French movie Bronx, known as Rogue City, is a crime drama just released by Netflix on October 30, 2020. It tells the tale of an anti-gang police unit investigating a massacre at a nightclub where some known criminals were having fun. However, another rival police unit and the arrival of a new head complicates things.

While the premise is old and told in many ways the developing story plot, suspense, and themes give the movie a more realistic approach to the goings-on of the French justice system. However, as the story goes on, things are never what they seem.

There is intrigue, sympathy, police corruption, fraternity, scenarios that closely resemble real-life instances, and inescapable realities that come from making some choices that turn out to be wrong. In the end, even justice has a high price that almost everyone can’t afford.

While this story is enjoyable, I can’t help but mention that Bronx falls short. The ending makes one see that these things are becoming more common nowadays. Unfortunately, the ending also seems a bit unrealistic outside of France let alone in other countries.

If you have Netflix, go watch Bronx. Otherwise know that, save the ending, this story has been done before.