Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

Archer’s daughter AJ has been kidnapped from her boarding school in Switzerland! Rampage?

The whole gang gets involved to save AJ even if the usual plan of doing things falls apart. It turns out that someone wants Lana’s husband Robert to pay a hefty ransom in exchange for AJ’s safety. At the same time, Archer is pointing out to both Lana and Robert about their parenting skills and how they are failing; Archer is reminded of how he was raised and went to boarding school. However, Lana starts knowing how it’s like to be in “RAMPAGE!” made and is liking it a bit too much…

This episode shows a change in motion as we finally see baby AJ as a child. We also get to see Gillette have his Olympic “rematch” against a former foe who cheated him out of a silver medal. The whole gang actually cares for someone instead of letting their pettiness get in the way of completing a mission. As for Archer, he will never get to be addressed as AJ’s biological father.

There’s only one more episode in this season. Bad news.

Now the good news: Archer has been approved for a 12th season! Now we’ll see more of the gang next year!