Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have a very odd news to report with begs the question, who drop who?

First report by Bleeding Cool that DC Comics has officially drop UCS Comic Distributors in favor of Lunar and as of January 1 of next year all of DC Comic distribution will be all Lunar.

That being said a few days later Bleeding Cool came out that it was the other way around, it wasn’t DC Comics dropping UCS, it was UCS who drop DC Comics. It is said that UCS just doesn’t want to put up with them at a distributor level and decided that they would rather not renew their contract with them.

Now we don’t know what is going on in the background in terms of who said what or what did the contract had any conditions that were required to meet, but this doesn’t look good for DC Comic. If a huge distributor such as UCS, who is the distributor for Midtown Comics, doesn’t want to work with DC Comics, then who would.