Ahoy Captain Cats and today we have some news on a new console release from an old titan in the gaming industry Atari.

Atari has announced the release of the updated version of its Video Computer System or VCS for short. This version of the VCS is built with AMD CPU and GPU, 8 GB of Ram that is expandable, USB 3.0, and Linux is running in the background. The VCS also has a PC Mode and can run a secondary OS which means the VCS can be a home computer as well, which is interesting.

In case your wondering when the VCS will be release, Atari has stated that the VCS will be released this November. Now given the fact that both Sony and Microsoft will release their new systems in November, we don’t know who wants to buy the VCS, plus the price for the VCS is $400, but you get two systems for the price of one.

Once we get more information about the release date and what games and companies will join Atari for this run of the VCS we will let you know.