Ahoy Captain Cats here and some news to talk about the cinema, and it doesn’t look good.

With reports of Cineworld announced that they will be closing its Regal Cinema locations in both the UK and USA, many thought how could it get any worse, well it did thanks to both Disney and Warner Bros. Over the weekend Disney made a huge announcement that Pixar upcoming film Soul will be skipping theaters and will be on Disney+ for free if you have a subscription of course on Christmas day. In case you don’t know why they are doing this is because of three factors:

  • They learned from their mistake from how they try to sell Mulan for $30 per lease, which was a failure, to say the least.
  • Soul is set to release on Christmas Day, same as Wonder Woman 1984, which is rumor to be going either be push back to 2021 or go PVOD.
  • Disney wants to take a huge piece of the streaming pie in terms of getting new subscribers from Netflix and Amazon.

Besides the Disney news, WB made some noise as well with the delay of four of its DCEU films and they are The Batman, The Flash, Shazam 2, and Black Adam. Not only that but they pushed back Dune as well and all they have left is Wonder Woman 1984. While there are rumors of WW1984 may be heading to PVOD, Patty Jenkins, the director of WW1984 said this on her Twitter account when asked about this:

“Correct. Direct to streaming is not even being discussed. We are still 100% behind the theatrical experience for WW84 and supporting our beloved theater business.” – Patty Jenkins

While we are about nine weeks away till Christmas Day and with not a big film releasing from now till then it begs the question, is this the end of cinema as we know it? The answer is we have to wait and see if AMC doesn’t do the same before Christmas day.