Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

It looks like Sterling Archer is beginning to embrace the new changes in his world… one step at a time. The newest episode “Best Friends” sees Archer loving his new valet Aleister. However, it turns out that Aleister has other motives behind his dashing facade.

Gillette is back but in trouble. As Archer, Cyril and Aleister stay behind, the rest of ISIS “rescues” Gillette from his peril: a vacation disguised as a mission. This can mean one thing: everyone wants a break from dealing with Archer. And who can blame them? Because of Archer, Lala is having some issues with her husband while everyone else wants an escape.

This is a very good episode. Once again, change is the theme for this season, and progress is being made. For Archer, that is. He is moving on from Woodhouse after realizing that there is NO valet that can replace him. Before Aleister’s demise, Archer finds out two things that irk him: Cyril is the world’s greatest spy now and that Cyril is Archer’s best friend. Of course, Archer denies this, but Aleister shows him the truth. As for Cyril, it seems he is also taking the comedic role of Brett; Brett always gets an occupational hazard happening to him from Season 1 until his death in Season 5.

There are three more episodes this season, so what will Archer do now that his adapting to the new world is coming along swimmingly?