Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

In Archer’s fourth episode of the season “Robot Factory,” Barry makes his return… by working for ISIS!

Archer’s mistrust for Barry ensures the upcoming mission’s chaos: a factory devoted to Barrybots must be destroyed. Mix this with Cyril being team leader and you have functional mayhem.

As previously stated, Archer’s new focus is on change. Barry is a new ally and wants to be friends with Archer. Archer tries to be amicable even if he is expecting a double-cross from Barry during the mission. In the end, Archer befriends Barry since Barry was the only person to actually visit him personally while in a coma.

This was a good episode. Lots of fun watching Archer tear Cyril away from his position as team leader to a weeping mess. It seems that Archer is making his friends pay for their sentimental negligence by reminding them of his coma; the gang is getting annoyed. And on top of that, Malory has Pam and Cheryl help her to find a replacement for Archer’s valet Woodhouse; hilarious employment process.

Now we need to see if Archer is willing to stay with Aleister, a possible new valet that will replace Woodhouse.