Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the final issue of Mirka Andolfo western horror series Mercy.

The issue picks up were issue 5 left off and we see a fight with the devil of Woodsburgh and Lady Hellaine and she save Rory and Gregor was great. Fast forward a year later we see Hellaine and Goodwill having a deep talk about the original plan and thinking about oneself and we see home life with Hellaine, Rory, and Gregor and Gloria and Joel.

Soon we see both families meet up and enjoy a family meeting but soon it turns from good to horror as Goodwill appears. After talking to Gloria she rushes to the mines and we see poor sweet Rory being taking over by the thing. After a battle and finding out some truths, Rory was saved but at the cost of Hellaine’s life. Fast forward many years and we see Rory all grown up and she is living a good life thanks to Hellaine leaving everything to Rory. In the end, we see a monologue that tells us what is going to happen to her and the people of Woodsburgh and learn to live with the ting that is inside her.

From start to finish this series is great, while it does has it slow down moments and is only 6 issues long, this series was a great read. This series felt like if John Carpenter’s The Thing was set in the west and to be honest I loved it. If you haven’t read this series go do yourself a favor and read this series, especially since Halloween is around the corner. Also if you become a fan of this series just to let you know this series is coming back in 2021 with “Merciless.”