Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the second season of Taco Chronicles and see if it delivers another great helping of taco documentary goodness.

The second season introduces more different styles of tacos from Mexico, except for one which we will get to later, and give the viewer a good education about that kind of taco. This time around they introduced the burrito and after watching this episode, it makes some good points on why its a taco in its own right. Out of all of the seven episodes, two episodes stand out the most for different reasons and they are the American Taco and Pescado or fish taco.

The fish taco episode was one of the best, it even outshines season one best episode which as Pastor. The fish taco showed why it so delicious and its history of how it came to be is wonderful and interesting. The American taco episode on the other hand is not that great of an episode. While it focused more on Tex-Mex food, which is good in its own right, I think they should have focused more on the Tex-Mex food side and not head out to LA and try to make LA the be-all and end-all of tacos. Another thing that I have to say is that some of the presenters had this smug vibe to them and that kind of made me want to stop watching at times because of the vibe they gave off.

In the end season two of Taco Chronicles was good at best, while some of the episodes were alright, it did what it needed to do while stumbling now and then. If Taco Chronicles will come back for season three, they need to spice it up a bit and need to change a few locations and maybe look at other countries on how they make tacos and such.

Season one and two of the Taco Chronicles are available on Netflix.