Yo Ho! WeRCatz here!

Archer has released their eleventh season premiere on September 16 with the first two episodes “The Orpheus Gambit” and “Bloodsploosh.”

“The Orpheus Gambit” starts off with Archer trying to adjust to his world after everything changed. He then tries to get into the new way of things in “Bloodsploosh” where the gang goes undercover for an assignment.

What I have noticed is that everyone but Archer has changed for the better: Cheryl/Carol became “New Better Cheryl,” Cyril is a successful field operative, Lana is married to a wealthy businessman, Krieger is more integrated into the team, Gilette is doing fine and Pam is more professional. Malory has also gotten more professional with Sterling’s absence.

WIth creator Adam Reed’s participation in production being reduced, Season 11 shows that the dynamic of Archer is changing in front of our eyes and ears. Phrasing is no longer a thing, the gang is trying to work together again with Archer, and Archer is beginning to realize that his previous world is no more. But he’s going to do something about it in his own little way.

So for now, Archer is doing well. There may be different changes here and there, but I welcome those changes. No we have to see if Sterling Archer is willing to adapt to those changes.