Ahoy Captain Cats here and today is another round of video game news round -up!

Microsoft has released the release date and prices for the Xbox Series S and X. Microsoft announced that November 10 is the official release date for both series system and here are the prices for each one:
Xbox Series S $299 and is 100% all-digital
Xbox Series X $499

Pre-orders will start on September 22 and will offer a $25 for the Series S and $35 for the Series X monthly payment play for 24 months. With the announcement of the price and release date for the Xbox Series S and X, this put Sony on the defensive. This Wednesday, Sony will have a 40-minute showcase on Twitch and YouTube at 1pmPDT / 9 pm BST / 10 pm CEST. Let’s see if Sony is going to give the world the release date and price of its upcoming PS5 lineup.

Besides the Sony event, CD Project RED is going to have the third episode of Night City Wire this Friday and it looks like it will be around the same time as the first two episodes. This time around it looks like they will focus on the gangs in the game and maybe more gameplay and such.

Lastly, for all you SNK fan we have some good news. According to an article by GameSpot, the SNK MVSX home arcade system with 50 games built-in may have the ability to add more games in 20201. If this is true it looks like it will make up for the lack of fan-favorite games and this could lead to a whole window of opportunities for this system.

There you go that is your video game news round-up!