Yo Ho, WeRCatz here with some sad news:

After 17 years and 7 seasons, The Venture Bros. series creator Jackson Publick recently tweeted on his Twitter account that his show was canceled a few months ago. The writing team for The Venture Bros. was working on what would have been Season 8.

The Venture Bros. became one of the longest running shows in the Adult Swim catalog; it’s also one of the most mature.

Now The Venture Bros. is another victim of acclaimed shows that get unnecessarily chopped. I was hoping for a lot more character development from Hank Venture after the now series finale episode “The Saphrax Protocol” where Hank decides to grow up in his unique way alone.

Now we’ll never see the Venture gang, the Monarch, and the oddities of the Venture world ever again. Truly sad news and for the last time: go Team Venture.