Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the four-part mini-series by Daniel Warren Johnson for DC Black Label (DCBL for short), and this is one of the very few series on DCBL that is worth read and that series is Wonder Woman: Dead Earth.

The series is set in the future and the Earth is dead, a handful of humans trying to survive on the dead planet in any way they can. Out of nowhere, we see Wonder Woman waking up from cryogenic sleep and see what has happened to the Earth and along the way, we saw what happen to the likes of Batman, Superman, and especially to Cheetah and the amazons of Themyscira. From here we see the many battles and choices Wonder Woman had to make throughout this series and we also see a plot twist that came out of know where and answer an age-old question as well.

Daniel Warren Johnson did an astonishing job with both the storytelling and the artwork in this mini-series. It’s been said that it is impossible to write a very dark Wonder Woman story due to her being a beacon of hope and justice and Johnson nailed it with Dead Earth. Each issue had this dark, bleak, gritty art-style that complements the dark, horrific undertone of this world of death, silents, and no hope for the people in that world, including Wonder Woman herself.

DCBL hasn’t been the best when it comes to original stories and out of all of the released series that came out with the DCBL on them that is not Batman related are The Last God, The Question, and Wonder Woman. Johnson created a classic series that everyone should pick up and read, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth is what DCBL should be doing, and stop focusing on just Batman alone.