Today in hidden gem we are going to look at a series of music pieces that Carter Fox has released into an album and that album is EPOCH.

EPOCH is 11 tracks musical journey that takes you and your ears to somewhere else in a good way. How the way it starts with “The Egg” till the end track “Take a Hit,” Carter Fox does what he does best and gives the listener a bit of everything with a calm, relaxing vibe with a hint of soul, lo-fi, hip-hop and a bit of electronic. Tracks such as “Welcome to the Universe,” “Cosmic Microwave,” “Orbital,” and “Take a Hit” show how vast and wonderful EPOCH is and each track is as original as it is extraordinary.

If you love “Eclipse” then you will fall in love with EPOCH, do yourself a huge favor and listen to this album any way you can. EPOCH clocks in just under 41 minutes but it’s worth listing to and if there is an LP release of EPOCH I will have to hunt this down and add this to my LP library.