Ahoy Captain Cats here and today is a great day to be a fan of Hazbin Hotel.

A24 announced via Twitter that they will be bringing last year indie darling hit pilot short Hazbin Hotel to the small screen. In case you wondering what it is here is a link to the short, but be warned its not for kids to watch. The series is about Charlie, the princess of Hell, who wants to help the people of Hell by opening up a hotel to get them “check out” from hell and go to Heaven.

With so many adult animation series been coming out like crazy over the past few years and most of them do kinda look the same or have some kind of Rick and Morty vibe to them, I fell in love with this series due to it being so different, colorful, original and the voice acting cast is perfect to a T. Once more information on when and where Hazbin Hotel TV series will be released we will let you know and congrats to the entire Hazbin Hotel team and its creator.