Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the last two episodes of Doom Patrol so let’s get to it!

Finger Patrol
A lot was going on here with Dorothy meeting and fighting Baby Doll and Flaming Katy, Larry meets his son family with Rita, Vic, and Cliff doing a 70’s cop buddy thing and more. This episode was all over the place and it was a ride, especially when Dorothy introduces the Candlemaker and we see what it can do and yes it from the comic series. The outcome of the episode was heartbreaking.

Space Patrol
Soon after the events of Finger Patrol we see a group of astronauts who called themselves The Pioneers of the Uncharted, who were Niles’s old research team. We see Dorothy heading to space after the events of Finger Patrol and Niles, with Cliff went into space to find her. Rita lands a role in the local theater but once she finds out what the play is about she starts to have second thoughts. Larry meets another person who has a negative spirit and makes a choice and cyborg tries to help Roni.

Both of these episodes are some of the season best, and with 3 episodes left in season 2, we have to expect it is going to go out with a bang of some sort. Doom Patrol has shown how a great show based on a comic series can be done right.