Video Game News Round-Up

Ahoy Captain Cats here and its another round of the video game news round-up so let’s go!

Five major retailers already have placeholder pages for PS5 pre-orders. The five are Target, GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon. If you are wondering why is this important, its because that means Sony will maybe sometime soon (Maybe during Comic-Con @ Home this week) they will give out the official release date and price for the PS5. We will keep an eye on them and once we see any changes on the pages we will let you know.

Microsoft announced over the weekend that they will no longer be selling their Xbox Live Gold 12-month plan. It was first reported by TrueAchievements that they have stopped selling this pass in both there storefront and online store as well. They will be selling both the one and three-month plans still but this brings up the question, are they doing this so they can focus on the Xbox series X and their game pass ultimate and slowly kill off the Live Gold plan?

Lastly, EA will be removing the logo of the NFL team formally known as the Washington Redskins. In case you haven’t heard the team decided to change their name due to the name being offensive to Native Americans and the team will be known for the time being as the Washington Football Club. EA stated that they will quickly change it as well in Madden 21 and they will have a generic Washington team as a placeholder till the real-life organization makes their final decision about the new name and logo for the team.

There you go that’s your Video Game News Round-Up!