Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at issues 3 and 4 of the Harley Quinn Black + White + Red online series.

Chapter Three: Get Yer Story Straight
The issue is a love letter to Harley Quinn in terms of how the character has evolved since she was introduced to the world back in 1992 on the iconic Batman: The Animated Series. The main plot in this issue is simple, three crooks stole something from Harley and once the job is done, each crook tells the same story, but from their own point of view. Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez did a fine job with storytelling and artwork respectively. They really showed the readers how much Harley has changed over the years and with Clayton Cowles doing a hell of a job with the lettering this is a great read.

Chapter Four: Who Dis?
Two words for you, rap battle. Writer Tim Seeley somehow made this work and it surprised me from start to finish and I tip my hat to Tim. Juan Ferrerya did a wonderful job with the artwork, really added some great color tone, and brings this odd yet entertaining story to life.

This online series is great and is one of DC best series so far this year. If you haven’t read this series so far, do yourself a huge favor and go read this series.