Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to talk about the latest and craziest episode of Doom Patrol and that episode is “Sex Patrol,” and yes you read that right.

The episode picks up where Pain Patrol left off and we see Niles and the group trying to figure out how to fix Danny the Street and out of the blue we see Flex Mentallo, Maura Lee Karupt, and the rest of “The Dannyzens.” They all decide to set up a party to revive Danny and it works thanks to Dorothy singing a beautiful cover of Pure Imagination.

From here the episode goes from good to crazy as we see Rita requesting Flex to help in a very odd way and we see Cliff taking to Niles about what happens in the last episode with his daughter and Niles offer Cliff Ecstasy. Then we see whats going on with Jane and the others in her mind and we meet a few other new personas and we sere introduce to this episode villain and that villain is Mr. Evans, a sex demon. We are then introduced to the SeX-Men, yes you read that right the SeX-Men and with the help of the team they save the world yet again and after some truths were told, Danny came back but as a tire and took Flex, Maura and the rest of the Dannyzens back on the road to a new safe place.

This episode touch on a lot of subjects such as love, expectation vs reality, growing up, acceptance, how the truth hurts and the list goes on. One of the best segments of this episode was when Maura Lee Karupt had a heart to heart talk with Cyborg and it sums up what is going on in the world today.

We also see what’s going to happen on this week’s episode which is titled “Finger Patrol” and ya just like this season it’s going to be another crazy episode.