Yo Ho! WeRCatz here!

The Japanese Indie pop group [Lucie, Too] released their latest single “Hamming” (humming) on June 16, 2020.

Composed by the band’s lyricist Chisa, [Lucie, Too] has started to go a little heavy with their music. But this is good as it shows that their music is not stagnant in style. This does not mean that they are leaving their indie status behind, however.

The backing vocals are on cue as the main vocals express calmness. As for musicianship, [Lucie, Too] does not disappoint. There was no need to get more heavy than they should, and the guitar shows that.
As before, “Hamming” reminds me of the alternative rock of the early-to-mid 90s that surrounded me.

“Hamming” also shows me that there is genuine talent out there in the indie scene: one may find a few by accident. I am glad I found [Lucie, Too] in this manner. Hopefully, there’s a music video in the works for “Hamming” and I expect it to be just as well as their last video release of “Chime.”