Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review the full second season to one of the best adult animated series of 2019 and that series is DC Universe’s Harley Quinn.

The season picks up right after what happened at the end of the first season and we see Harley and her crew being treated like crap by her peers yet again. The series creative crew took the No Man’s Land story arc and gave it a new lease on life as we see this story arc, but from Harley’s point of view. We see throughout the second season is a story of love, redemption, backstabbing, and of course all-out mayhem.

We see how the relationship of all of the main cast changes throughout the season and if we see a season three later this or next year, I hope they can expand on these changes and the outcomes that happen during this season.

Overall Harley Quinn season 2 is on a league of its own, from the cast, the many different main and secondary stories that were going on, choices were made and of course Darkside, who they brought back Michael Ironside to reprise the role he did in Superman: The Animated Series and in Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. Harley Quinn is on DC Universe and you can watch both seasons.