Today on hidden gems we are going to look at Golden Grey’s latest album “Shapes” and see if he outdid himself.

Shapes is a very interesting album because it has many things going on and also gave me a nostalgic trip down memory lane in each song. Each song has a different sound, vibe, and charm to them. For example, the title song “Shapes” has an electronic dance sound to it, “Squares” gave off this cyberpunk/ 90s Japanese techno electronic sound and “Triangles” reminds me a lot of Super Metroid in a very good way.

The only two bad things this album has is that it’s only four tracks and clocks in just under 15 minutes. I think Golden Grey had something very wonderful going on and maybe by adding a few more tracks and have it clock in just under say the 20 or 25-minute mark, this would be an instant classic in electronic music.

In the end, Golden Grey delivered a near-perfect album with “Shapes,” beside only under 15 minutes and only four tracks. This album is a must-have in your music collection just by the sheer music vibe it is giving off, the sound that Golden Grey is creating and the unique style is going for.