Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the latest season of Bill Burr adult animated Netflix series F is for Family.

The series picks up months after the ending of season 3 and we see Sue looking like she is a month away from giving birth to her and Frank fourth child, Kevin trying to find his place in the world, Bill trying to move on from what happened to himself in season 3 and Maureen still being Maureen, but all that changes when Frank dad shows up.

From here the series shows how much Frank is just like his father and almost losing his family love and respect. While the main storyline of Frank and his father was ok, it was the side stories in this season that shine. Kevin decides to be a better person and meets someone who shows him that he has potential, Bill becomes a hockey star for his school team but for the wrong reasons and learns from this, Maureen becomes friends with Bridget and learns to pick her battles and Sue spent most of this season second-guessing her life choices.

The secondary characters here also shine, especially Rosie who had very own episode and we see how he has to deal with the crooked politicians in the city but also how the same people he is trying to help backlash and compare Rosie to the other people who represent the community before him as corrupt and looking out only from himself. We also see Vic, the Murphy’s neighbor also has a great side story with him getting his job back but is treated like an “Old Man” because he just turn 30 and he tries to stay relevant to the point we see him looking like he might take his own life.

This season of F is for Family is good but not as great as season 3, the main storyline is ok at best and most of the best moments came from the secondary characters and to be honest you can play this and listen to it while your doing something else at the same time and still be entertained. F is for Family season 4 is on Netflix.