Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at what might be a new trend in the gaming world and that is going fully digital.

After last week PS5 event it was a huge surprise at the end with not one, but two PS5 consoles the major difference is that one has an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and the other one doesn’t have one and is 100% digital and it brings up the question, is this the future for the gaming industry and community? The answer is it could be.

Going fully digital could be the next big thing, it saves people time and money with buying games and downloading, not only that but also shopping alone, going on the net and more. While many will hate the idea of this and will state that it is not the same as going to the store and buying the physical copy of the game and such, it doesn’t benefit anyone, specifically store such as Gamestop may be a thing of the pass if the goes this route.

Now that Sony has shown the world it has two options of PS5 to buy and with rumors of Microsoft “codename Lockhart” could be a digital Xbox Series X that will launch with the Xbox Series X with disk drive sometime this year, it is looking like it will be the norm in the future. Console systems are evolving with each newer edition and with how the Xbox Series X is the closest thing to a PC Gaming tower for non PC Gamers and the PS5 looks like it will be just more than a console to game on, this may very well be the end of the great console war or a start of a new but different version of it.

We still don’t have a release date and pricing for either console, but if the many rumors out there saying that the start price is around $500 and the release dates may be in between October and December, it gives both Sony and Microsoft time to sell the idea that the digital editions for each system are the way to go.