Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review a series that is crazy as it is beautiful and that series is Dorohedoro.

The series was created by Q Hayashida back in 2000 as a manga and had an 18 year run till the series ended back in 2018 with a total of 23 volumes. It was announced that in 2018 that the anime series of Dorohedoro was in production and in January of 2020 the series was first aired on Tokyo MX till March 29 of this year and just last week it was released on Netflix.

The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting with an odd but great twist, the world is split into two dimensions. In the top half of the world, you have the Sorcerers World, who are humans who have the ability to produce smoke which is this series form of magic. The lower half of the world is known as the hole, a rundown damped city where normal humans who cant produce smoke live and are also used by sorcerers as test subjects. The only link both worlds have is that the sorcerers have the ability to summon magical doors that let them access to the hole.

Here in the hole is where our main characters Caiman and his friend Nikaido live in. Caiman is a man with a head of a lizard and with the help of Nikaido, hunts down every sorcerer who and has an odd way to find out if they are the one to turn him into what he is and if they say no, they die. Soon the En Family sends in their cleaners to wipe out Caiman and Kikaido and now they both dive in more to this while at the same time Nikaido hides something from Caiman.

The series storyline, art style, and over the top craziness helps this series standout by all the other series that came out so far this year and the only other series that is on the same level as Dorohedoro is Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Just the intro and ending credits alone standout in this series from the rest of the 2020 anime season and it is all thanks to (K)Now_Name composing and preforming both intro and ending scenes.

Dorohedoro is on Netflix now and not only a must-watch, but it’s also an anime of the year contender.