Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review the 3 part miniseries that just ended this week and that series is DCeased: The Unkillable.

The series takes place just during the events of DCeased with almost all of the main superheroes and villains dead and just like DCeased, Unkillable main stars are the ones you least expected. The first issue we see what has happened to almost everyone in the bat family, Deathstroke and Rose joining forces and a ragtag group of anti-heroes and villains who decided to work together. The way the first issue was well-paced, very detailed and the ending was unexpected with what was left of the bat family ending up in a small school with kids trying to stay alive.

The second issue did the smart move of taking it’s time to show what happened to everyone and not only showed how they learned to survive the new world, but they also became close to one another like a family, and this happened within three months. The issue ends in a big twist and it leads into the final issue and from beginning to end we see how in one last effort with the remainder of the group doing what they can do to make it to sanctuary, but not without a cost. We see yet another big twist in the near end of this series and the ending was touching yet sad at the same time.

Unkillable was far better than DCeased was. Funny enough Tom Taylor wrote Unkillable as well and this was a better story, more impact, more drama and was more heartfelt, a very good example of this is in the second issue where Slade and Gordon had a private talk about who they lost during the outbreak and who will be the leader.

Unkillable is what DCeased SHOULD have been from the start. While DCeased did have a great final two issues, the first four weren’t so great and felt like it was DC taking on the whole “Zombie apocalypse” that Marvel did years ago and was great when it was released. The art in Unkillable was great, thanks to Karl Mostert doing the artwork, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards and John Livesay doing the inking and Rex Lokus doing the coloring.

If you are thinking about picking this up or wondering if this is worth the read if you felt like DCeased was a bit of a disappointment, I would say pick this miniseries up, it is worth the read.