Ahoy Captain Cats here and today is another round of anime news round up so let’s go!

U.K. Anime distributor Anime Limited has announced that they will be doing a free online event. The event is called “Cloud Matsuri” and will be on YouTube on May 30-31. The guest line-up for this two-day event are as followed:

Science SARU producer Eunyoung Choi
Studio Orange president and founder Eiji Inomoto
Polygon Pictures president Shuzo Shiota
Groundworks Co. CEO Yasuhiro Kamimura

This online event will start at 7 am PST and end at 3 PST on both days on YouTube on anime distributor main page.

Toei Animation announced on Twitter this past Friday that Hulu will be streaming the first four series of the Digimon franchise. Digimon Adventure, Adventure 02, Tamers and Frontier are on Hulu now. They were on Hulu till last year due to the streaming rights had expired.

Fans of the puppet show series Thunderbolt Fantasy should be excited because last Friday on its official Twitter account it was announced that the third season of Thunderbolt Fantasy is on its way, but sadly with no release date. If you haven’t seen this series, here is a sample.

In a surprise move, Netflix has announced that once it finished its broadcast on Fuji TV +Ultra in Japan on June 24 of this year, Trigger’s newest anime hit series BNA: Brand New Animal will be available on Netflix worldwide on June 30. This is a smart move on there part due to the backlash they received with how they took so long to release both Beastars and Dorohedoro months after they finished their broadcast run in Japan.

If your looking for a new anime series to watch while at home, look no further because a classic anime series is making a comeback for a limited-time run. From a press release from Shinei Animation that they are bringing back the classic comedy series Atashin’chi to YouTube. The series is based on the manga of the same name by Eiko Kera and ran from 1994 till 2014. the original anime series ran from 2002 till 2009 with over 330 episodes made. Not only that but also the second series Shin Atashin’chi will be shown as well, the second series was aired from 2015 till 2016 with 26 episodes aired. If you want to see why this comedy series lasted that long you can watch on the series YouTube channel here and enjoy yourself. New episodes will be aired every week.

There you go that’s your anime news round up!