Today on Hidden Gem we are going to look at a song that is doing what last year surprised hit “Wild Side” from ALI is doing, taking the anime world by storm and putting the music world on notice and that is “Fly with me” from Millennium Parade.

Millennium Parade is a project Tsuneda and collaborates with various artists and creators to create music and art. The project group was founded and released music in 2019 with tracks such as Veil, Plankton, Stay!!!, and lost and found. Each track has this Synthwave/SynthPop, electronic music sound to it with a splash of pop, but when it comes to Fly with me its Synthwave with a good mix of lo-fi hip hop to the next level.

The song just goes full in your face listening experience and will stick to you after the song ends. The music, the sounds, the beats, the vocals, and the brass sounds and the phrase “Money makes the world go round” is as catchy as anything will be in 2020. I can see why they used this song as the opening music for Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, they wanted the viewer to listen to something that matches what the series was going to be, a different unique experience. If you love the song and want to get a copy for yourself you have to wait till June 24 for the single 12” vinyl release in Japan.