Yo Ho! WeRCatz here!

At the conclusion of Bad Guys on Netflix, I was provided a suggestion by them: Bad Guys 2 (also known in the US as Bad Guys: Vile City). So I watched this spinoff od 16 episodes.

There is more detailed political corruption going on than I thought since the premise is entirely different. We start with a rookie prosecutor, No Jin-pyeong, being assigned to a luxurious district to serve. There he meets fellow prosecutor Woo Je-mun; Je-mun plays dirty to get things done right. Jin-pyeong is then introduced to the main cast of Je-mun’s crew: Heo Il-hoo, an ex-mobster who quit after a tragic incident and carried this with him ever since, Jang Sung-Cheol, a provincial detective with a psychopathic fierceness who hides a big secret, and Han Gang-Joo, who was released from prison and is now seeking revenge on those responsible for the near-death of his younger sister. Together, this crew takes on gangs and political corruption.

Unlike its predecessor, Bad Guys 2 goes into depth on political corruption and its connections with the underworld. One must have some patience to get the gist of who is doing what, where, and when the crimes take place, and what is the underlying connections that make it work. The action is there but not as much since politics are heavily involved. For instance one may think that the main antagonist is the character Jo Young-gook, a corrupt businessman with plans of pushing the poor residents of the city out to re-urbanize the district for the wealthy for a major political agenda; however, one has to realize that more things are going on beyond the observable darkness.

There’s tragedies, complex actions behind political ambitions, corruption so deep that it may question how a government works behind the facade of justice and unexpected twists and turns that feel a little too real at times. Bad Guys 2 is a great production that should be seen. This is a series that makes you think about politics to the point where the laws that are supposed to protect you actually protect someone else.