Today on Hidden Gem we are going to talk about a video game soundtrack that lives up to its past and more and that soundtrack is from none other then Streets of Rage 4.

The game came out just last week to positive reviews, and we here have even called it a game of the year contender. One of the main reasons why the Streets of Rage (SoR for short) series was and still is beloved to this day beside the gameplay was the music, oh the music from this series is the stuff of legends. We did touch on this last year about the SoR 2 soundtrack and how it set the bar and its origins for the music came from, and 28 years later the SoR 4 soundtrack has taken what 2 did and went all out.

The main soundtrack was composed by Olivier Deriviere, who worked on other games such as A Plague Tale, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Freedom Cry, Remember Me, and Get Even. Deriviere did a wonderful job with the music here, mixing the old with the new and incorporating other elements of music such as synthwave, club music from the 90’s electronica and so much more. Not only that the list of guests on here is an all-star cast of gaming and music composers such as:

Yuzo Koshiro – Streets of Rage Fame
Motohiro Kawashima – Streets of Rage Fame
Harumi Fujita – Ghosts ‘n Goblins, 1943 Kai, Strider, Pulstar, Blazing Star
Keiji Yamagishi – Tecmo Bowl, Tecmo Super Bowl, Ninja Gaiden
Yoko Shimomura – Street Fighter 2, Code Name: Viper, King of Dragons, Front Mission, Super Mario RPG, Parasite Eve
Scattle – Hotline Miami, Super Meat Boy, and Furi
XL Middleton – Hip Hop/G-Funk artist
Das Mortal – Electronic music producer and DJ
Groundislava – Electronic, Hip Hop and chiptune musician and producer

Each track is masterfully done by each guest composer and stand out individually as well. SoR 4 is the best of both worlds, fans of the series music and fans of music will enjoy this soundtrack and hell if you played this out in the public many people would think this is what new in the club scene or something that new in the music scene, in short, a must-own album.