Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review on what many people to say the best adult series right now and that series is the Midnight Gospel or MG for short

MG is the brainchild of Duncan Trussell who also stars as the protagonist Clancy Gilroy and Pendleton Ward, yes the creator of Adventure Time. The series is about Clancy interviewing people for his “Spacecast” show the Midnight Gospel. That’s it, that is what the series is all about, and I have to say I was very very disappointed with the main premise. Yes, each episode had a topic and such about life, death, acceptance, and so forth but in the end, I ended up watching an animated podcast with maybe one to two good episodes in it. Not only that but some of the episodes tend to be a bit too preachy in terms of the topic of religion.

While the storytelling, if you can call it that was lackluster, the art and animation was something different, but in a good way. Ward could have stuck to his now iconic style of artwork and animation from Adventure Time, but instead took a bold risk and doing something completely different and hats off to him to take this route. The art style and animation are way out there and it works for a series like this that needs to explore and make itself different.

In the end is what everyone is saying about MG worth the hype, no it is not worth the hype at all, instead it makes me wonder why Netflix gave this series the green light due to in the end it was just a podcast and nothing more. If anyone wants to say there wasn’t a show like this ever and it was one of a kind, I have four words for you: The Ricky Gervais Show.