Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review the highly anticipated new anime series from Netflix and that series is Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045.

SAC takes place 11 years after the events of Solid State Society (it was set in the year 2034 in the Ghost in the Shell timeline) in the year 2045 and we see how the world change within the past 11 years. We see Major Motoko Kusanagi or Major as she is best known in the series lore, with Batou, Saito, and Ishikawa working as mercs in North America as “Ghost.” We also see Aramaki and Togusa, who is newly divorced which surprised me a lot, working on bringing Section 9 back together again to fight a new situation and conspiracy. We see in the first half of the series what has happened to the world within the 11-year gap of no new stories from this series in terms of the timeline and a lot has changed. After a small filler episode which was a nice little throwback to the first SAC, we get to the second half and it was going back to its roots of what made SAC such a huge hit.

A big change that SAC introduced was the animation, they went full 3DCG with the thanks of Production I.G. And Sola Digital Arts and it looks greats with how it came out. Mind you that you can see some slowdown and stiff body movement but overall it was its alright. The music and storytelling are still a joy to see and listen to and the opening and ending themes are great, especially with Millennium Parade’s Fly with me which outdid Mili’s sustain++.

Overall SAC_2045 was worth the wait and it proved me wrong that Netflix can do a good anime, when they feel like doing it right and get the right people to do it (looking at you Saint Seiya remake) and it was also announced that a second season for 2045 is in the works, I for one cant wait to see where this go.