Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the newest series by writer Ed Brubaker and his new series is called Friday.

The series is about a girl name Friday Fitzhugh, who is coming home from college for the holidays and ends up being on a case with her best friend Lancelot Jones. Back in their childhood, they used to spend time solving crimes and cases dealing with the occult. Now she doesn’t want anything to do with that and wanted to have a serious talk with Lancelot but crime is afoot and Friday is back in the same role she was with him during there childhood.

Brubaker once again shows off how great of a writer he is and this time how the way Friday is being told it feels like your reading a book and with Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente providing the artwork, they really bring this book to life. Friday also has this Twin Peaks/X-Files vibe in terms of the latter half of the issue.

Friday is worth a read and is available on Panel Syndicate and you can get your hands on the first issue here.