Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look into what season two of DCU animated hit series Harley Quinn has been up to so far.

So are the second season picks up where season one left off and I like that because it makes this series living in its mini-universe. Not only that but we see what happen with the outcome of what happened at the end of season one and it shows that with a few changes here and there and what was old is now new in terms of the writing team took the premise of Batman: No Man’s Land and they made it work.

We see the whole outcome from Harley and the batch of secondary character’s point of view and so far it is great, with little bumps here and there but those aren’t deal-breakers. We finally get to see Catwoman, who is voiced by Sanaa Lathan and does a great job bringing her to life here. We see Barbara Gordon as well who is voiced by Briana Cuoco and is spot on with how Babs personality is and such.

With just three episodes in this 12 episode season, it looks like the second season of Harley Quinn is going to surpass its first season in grand style and it looks like if things are going fine with the series I wouldn’t be surprised if they add on a third season. We’ll do a full season review once the season ends and give you our final thoughts.