Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to give you my thoughts of the two nights of the WWE greatest show of shows in the wrestling world and that is WrestleMania 36.

Night One
From start to finish the first night was pretty good, with a few misses in matches such as Elias VS King Corbin and Braun Strowman VS Goldberg, it was an overall good night. The first match set the bar and pace for every other match after that, I must say congrats to the Kabuki Warriors and Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross for a great first match. From here it was an up and down ride, which I was kind of expecting from WWE but the Main Event for Night one was the Match of the night and congrats to all parties in this match. The boneyard match is one of the best matches of Night One and all I have to say is go and watch it, it’s worth the watch.

Night Two
Night Two started with a banger with Flair VS Ripley, a great Women’s Championship match and WWE did the smart move of letting once again the women’s division setting the tone and pace for the rest of the night. The next two matches were fine for what they were, the next two matches were not that great, the last man standing match was way too long and the Raw Tag Team Championship felt like a TV match. The Fatal 5-Way match was good, a little out of place at moments but overall was good. The match of the night was the Firefly Fun House Match, words can’t explain or describe what I saw but it is worth the watch. The Main Event was ok at best, they just copy, cut and paste the same thing from the Braun Strowman VS Goldberg and that’s a shame, as history was made and without the POP from a crowd, it felt like it wasn’t a big deal.

Overall WWE did a good job with what they had to work with, sure they took a page from New Japan Pro Wrestling from this year Wrestle Kingdom 14, but you have to give credit where credit is due. WrestleMania 36 is available on the WWE Network.