Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at Netflix’s newest mystery/thriller/drama/period piece TV series and that series is Freud.

The series takes place in 1886 Vienna and we see a young Sigmund Freud, who is portrayed by Robert Finster trying to juggle his professional and personal life while at the same time solving a string of murders with the help of Fleur Salome, a medium and detectives Alfred Kiss and his partner Franz Poschacher. Throw in a dash of the occult, very crazy intense and graphic scenes and that Freud in this series is taking cocaine on the regular will make you think and ask is this the same Sigmund Freud the world-famous neurologist and psychoanalysis I’m watching?

To answer that its a yes and no. Yes, this is the same Sigmund Freud and no this series is not a documentary or a secret life that he had. This series is a mix of BBC’s Sherlock and Luther, and throw in a very good amount of The X-Files and that pretty much sums up what Freud is or trying to be. The series goes all-in when it comes to how dark and disturbing when it wants to be and at times how human it can be as well.

The cast is a mixed bag here because while Robert Finster did a good job as a young Freud, Ella Rumpf, Anja Kling, and Philipp Hochmair were fine in their roles as Fleur Salome, Sophia and Viktor Von Szapary were ok at best. The three characters who stole the spotlight were Alfred Kiss and Franz Poschacher, who were portrayed excellently by Georg Friedrich and Christop F. Krutzle respectively and Brigitte Kren as Lenore, Freud’s housemaid. From beginning to end these three when on-screen demanded your attention and gave it there all.

Freud is an interesting case in terms of should you watch it or not. If you can get past the fact that this series has nothing to do with the man himself and watch it as if you were watching say Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, then you might like it. Keep in mind that this series can go very dark and very disturbing, like almost every episode and this is 100% not for kids!