Yo Ho! WeRCatz here!

On 13 October 1980, the Australian rock band INXS debuted its first album INXS. With the single “Just Keep Walking” hitting the Top 40 Australian charts, this album did not have an international release until 1984. However, the song “Unloved One” was not released in the US LP version.
Let’s take a look at some of the tracks:

“On a Bus” is a lively tune about being on a bus and trying to escape paranoia.

“Doctor” is a ska song about the potentials of being a doctor or something better in a chaotic world.

The band’s hit single,
“Just Keep Walking,” is an anthem of what INXS felt about trying to make it big through struggles.

“Learn To Smile” is a tune about putting a facade on situations.

“Roller Skating” is about trying to get a girl that happens to roller skate.

“Unloved One” is not really a song but more like a spoken word track between a drunkard and a woman. The tone of the track implies a dark side to the situation.

It would take 4 years of hard work and a few albums before INXS would be released internationally. The band’s biggest triumph would occur with Kick released in 1987.